Urban poverty

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The Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development

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Suburban Poverty Soaring In America While Safety-Net Agencies Struggle To Keep Up

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There are marked regional differences. In belief, urban population accordance can help reduce redundancy poverty in two ways. Poverty rates were largely unchanged inremaining at high levels since the Great Recession, though unemployment rates have fallen.

Child poverty rates have remained high, and racial and ethnic gaps and differences by family structure remain large.

Poverty rates were largely unchanged inremaining at high levels since the Great Recession, though unemployment rates have fallen. Child poverty rates have remained high, and racial and ethnic gaps and differences by family structure remain large.

3 While the dimensions of poverty are many, there is a subset of characteristics that are more pronounced for the poor in urban areas and may require specific analysis:3 commoditization (reliance on the cash economy).

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Urban poverty and inner city poverty - slums in particular - exist everywhere in the world. As more and more people move to the cities, the problem will only get bigger.

Working to reduce urban poverty and to change misleading views about urbanisation.

Urban poverty
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