Qualitative study on copd

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The International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Indexed: American Chemical Society's Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)- PubMed (files to appear soon)ISSN (Print)ISSN (Online)An international, peer-reviewed journal of therapeutics and pharmacology focusing on concise rapid reporting of clinical studies and reviews in COPD.

This study aimed to document the perspective of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who underwent home-based pulmonary rehabilitation (HBPR) in a clinical trial.

In this qualitative study, open-ended questions explored participants’ views regarding HBPR. Thirteen semi-structured interviews were. Stable COPD patients’ experience of participating in a long term intervention study. • Increased sense of security through self-monitoring and nurses keeping an eye on them.

The full text of this journal can be found in the EBSCOhost ™ and Al Manhal databases. The journal is now also Indexed in WEB OF SCIENCE.

This guideline covers assessing and managing low back pain and sciatica in people aged 16 and over. It outlines physical, psychological, pharmacological and surgical treatments to help people manage their low back pain and sciatica in their daily life.

Qualitative study on copd
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Patients’ experience of identifying and managing exacerbations in COPD: a qualitative study