Managerial accounting performance measures

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Performance Measurement

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Organizational leaders’ and organizational members’ responsibility to use ethical thinking to balance stakeholder interests with organizational duty are examined. View Test Prep - ACC Week 5 - Budgeting and Performance Measures from ACC at Grand Canyon University.

Week 5: Budgeting and Performance Measures Grand Canyon University ACC Managerial. As the global leader in management accounting CIMA is committed to producing relevant, rigorous and applied research.


We publish industry-leading insight, fund academic programmes, and collaborate with partners globally to help people and organisations drive better, sustainable business performance.

38 For more information visit For more information visit 39 04 The full syllabus – management level 04 The full syllabus – management level Syllabus structure The syllabus comprises the following topics and study weightings. SEA Reporting Project – General Information History of SEA Reporting Initiatives The notion that accounting and financial reporting includes more than just numbers and financial information predates the creation of both the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

This book explains the following topics: Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Accounting Fundamentals, Financial Statements, Recording Financial Transactions, Accounting Standards, GAAP, IFRS, Depreciation and Inventory, Cash Flow, Interpretation and Analysis of Accounts, Introduction to Cost Accounting, Cost Accumulation.

Managerial accounting performance measures
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