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Lotto Analysis

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Powerball Jackpot Analysis

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Lotto Analysis

Hit Frequency and Rank Analysis: Game to by analyzed: Powerball (Multi-State) First draw in database WED 06/25/97 Last draw in database SAT 09/08/18 PP: 3. When Shirley Jackson's chilling story "The Lottery" was first published in in the The New Yorker, readers were disgusted, curious, and bewildered.

Powerball lottery jackpot analysis shows the amount a grand prize winner would actually get after federal and state taxes are withheld from the prize money. My Lotto Analysis - the personalized lotto analysis: Besides Hit Frequency and Rank Analysis, there are 21 personalized analytical algorithms to help you choose your own winning numbers and additional 7 algorthms to help you pick the last digit number of multi-state Powerball, Big Game, California Super Lotto and Florida Mega Money. is the one of the web site of Tinbu, LLC, offer services such as up-to-date lottery results, archives of past winning numbers, jackpot reports and information on all U.S, Canadian, German, and UK based lotteries.

Mega Millions lottery jackpot analysis shows the amount a grand prize winner would actually get after federal and state taxes are withheld from the prize money.

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