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My Experience with Kirkus Indie Book Reviews

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“I Wasted $ On Kirkus Review Display Advertising.” An Indie Author’s Story. Revised. “A Kirkus review offered an unbiased review from a well-respected source.

My book would be reviewed, hopefully positively, and then possibly presented in an authoritative newsletter sent to booksellers around the world.

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Costs of Services for. Book Reviews, Book Lover Resources, Advice for Writers and Publishers: Home / Reviewer's Bookwatch. Kirkus Reviews (or Kirkus Media) is an American book review magazine founded in by Virginia Kirkus (–). The magazine is headquartered in New York City.

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My Experience with Kirkus Indie Book Reviews Did not have a pleasant experience with Kirkus For those of you that don’t know, Kirkus Reviews was a book review magazine known for having very harsh reviewers, rarely giving a positive review to anything.

Kirkus review editing services
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My Experience with Kirkus Indie Book Reviews – On (or close to) Schedule