Excel vba protect cell from editing services

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Removing / cracking Excel passwords with VBA

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Protect controls and linked cells on a worksheet

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Lock or unlock specific areas of a protected worksheet

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How to protect and unprotect Excel sheet with or without password

Moving the pointer to cells for which the Locked check box is selected on the Protection tab of the Format Cells dialog box. By default, users are allowed to select locked cells.

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Using VBA to protect & unprotect cells

Press the Format button and on the protection tab uncheck Locked. (Remember this only applies to this spreadsheet, but that all cells will now be unprotected rather than protected).

2) Select All cells, right click and choose format.

Excel Online

VBA Code to Password Protect an Excel file Password protecting an Excel file achieves two main objectives (1) prevents unauthorized access to the Excel file (2) prevents unauthorized modification of the Excel file.

Fair warning: Complete VBA novice here. I have a sheet that I am sending out. The form has a cell (D8) where a selection is made from a drop down list. Based on the selection in that list, I want to have certain areas of the sheet lock and unlock so that the only part of the form they can fill in is pertaining to their selection in D8.

Excel vba protect cell from editing services
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How to protect worksheets and unprotect Excel sheet without password