Editing services for indie authors on netgalley

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The Savvy Self-Publisher's Guide to NetGalley

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How to Reach Book Reviewers via NetGalley

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Editorial Advice For Authors

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NetGalley for Indie Authors – Part One (Susan Kaye Quinn) NetGalley for Indie Authors – Part Deux, One Year Later (Susan Kaye Quinn) Patchwork Press’s reflections on. The Savvy Self-Publisher's Guide to NetGalley editing, and publicity process.

which includes placement in the NetGalley Newsletter. Indie authors who are members of the Independent Book. Image via Pexels. In a recent conversation in my authors group, the question of NetGalley came up. One author wanted to know was it effective in securing reviews?

Victory Editing runs a NetGalley co-op. This co-op has been in existence for over two years. NetGalley is one of the largest eARC-distribution sites out there.

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One of the huge advantages is that it gives you access to reviewers you might not otherwise reach. Editorial Advice For Authors.

How to Reach Book Reviewers via NetGalley

Writing and editing tools for self-publishing indie authors. By Jessica Bell. How To Self-Edit Your Novel. By Roz Morris, Laxmi Hariharan, Ricardo Fayet, Andrew Lowe We use cookies to track and analyze your engagement with this website and to deliver our services. /r/hireaneditor - Promote your editing services; My Netgalley Experience (usagiftsshops.comblish) submitted 2 years ago by -RDO-I wanted to share my experience with Netgalley with other indie authors.

After publishing my first book I found myself frustrated with the lack of reviews. I feel that reviews are important because they let readers know.

Editing services for indie authors on netgalley
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How to make NetGalley work for you – M. A. Demers: writer, editor, publisher, artist