Basic military intelligence

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U.S. Army Military Intelligence Captains Career Course

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Part of this time is spent in the classroom, and part in the field. Some of the skills you'll learn are: Leadership skills and tactics in an infantry platoon.

Aug 30,  · Includes both formal communications (such as finished intelligence reports) and informal communications (such as email). Research Methods: This is the general name given to a variety of skills that revolved around finding, retrieving, collating, processing Author: Kristan J.

Wheaton. Basic Branches of the United States Army The 16 basic branches available to cadets are all important to the total Army force and each cannot function without the other. Military Intelligence ­ Determining an enemy's plans.

Sep 04,  · Air Force intelligence jobs require use of cutting edge technology in offices and on the front line. The Air Force jobs list appeals to those seeking a career working with data collection and analysis.


Excellent communication skills are required to explain technical reports to military strategists. All lieutenant graduates of the Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course (MIOBC) or the Military Intelligence Officer Transi­tion Course (MIOTC) at the U.S.

Army Intelligence Center, Fort Huachuca, AZ are awarded AOC 35D. Special qualifications: (a) A LT must successfully complete the MIOBC to be qualified in AOC 35D.

Geospatial Intelligence

Every intelligence job is different. As an Intelligence Analyst in the Military your roles, capability, and tasks will be vastly different to another.

They’re focused on who the Military are operating against! 1. Intelligence Analysts Arrive At Wo.

Information on Air Force Military Intelligence Jobs Basic military intelligence
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