Basic car terminologies

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Guide to Classic Car Terminology

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Car Accident Claims: Basic Terms Defined

Basic Terminology related to Cars With the beginning of nineteenth century automobiles entered the transportation market, but only for limited audience.

However, the introduction of Model T by Henry Ford changes people’s way to live, work and travel.

Basic Terminology related to Cars

Guide to Classic Car Terminology July 31, By Editor & filed under Classic Car Tech Articles. Even the most seasoned car enthusiasts, don’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to the terminology we use while enjoying our hobby. There is no racing activity on the track and the pits are open to people other than team members and racing officials.

COMBINATIONS Combinations of engine, gearing, suspension, aerodynamic parts, and wheel and tire settings which teams forecast will work under varying conditions and tracks. A car equipped with All-Wheel Steering means that the rear wheels can turn in the direction of the front wheels, which typically improves handling dynamics.

Generally used in a Car/Truck for heating and cooling inside car environment according to the passenger requirements.

Basically it is divided into Different modes, Blower speed functions, AC, Temperature, Fresh recirculation of air. Auto Mechanics Terminology Part I – Vocabulary Terms 1. ACCELERATION (verb) - def: To increase in speed Do you hear the noise when you ACCELERATE?

Basic car terminologies
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